East Durham Bake Shop - Application
We're looking for positive people who are excited to work in a small team environment. We are currently under strict social-distancing guidelines and are not allowing guests into our space. Our team is small and team members must wear masks while inside the shop and adhere to strict safety protocols and health reporting guidelines.

• Strong customer service skills, positivity and and openness and willingness to learn are essential.
• Must be able to stand for the duration of a shift and lift 50lbs.
• Basic math- you must be able to do quick basic math as it pertains to both transactions and baking.
• Availability mornings, and weekends.
• Attention to detail, quality and efficiency in all aspects of work. We make all of our baked goods by hand, from
scratch, the long way. Efficiency and speed are of the utmost importance, but not to the detriment of the quality ofour products. The same goes with customer service - our goal is to serve guests quickly and efficiently, but not at the cost of kindness and making our guests feel welcome.
• Ability to multitask- Every member of staff contributes meaningfully and equally to our success. You must be willing to get your hands dirty. Everyone we hire is expected to clean, do dishes, take out the trash and interact with guests.
• Creativity and flexibility- We’re looking for people who are excited to be a part of a new business. We know that
even as the years pass we will constantly be learning and adapting. We want team members who are excited to
help us find creative ways to tweak, polish, grow the business, and find new ways to be more efficient.
• Collaboration and positivity- you must be able to give and receive constructive feedback, work together to problem solve and keep open lines of communication with other team members at all times. We are a small team and we’re committed to creating an environment where we support and encourage one another. Our hope is that every one of our team members ends the day with a feeling of collective success and accomplishment.
• Availability around the holidays- We do our highest volume of baking during the holidays, especially Thanksgiving, December holidays, Valentine’s Day and Pi Day (March 14th). If you need to travel for the holidays this is probably not the right position for you.

East Durham Bake Shop is a Durham Living Wage Project certified employer- team member pay starts at $15/hr (for tipped employees, a base pay rate and tips amount to a guaranteed minimum of $15/hr)

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