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Thank you for your interest in opening an EDTF Chapter
Please fill out this form to apply to open a Chapter and review and agree to the Chapter Coordinators’ responsibilities (hyperlink below). Once approved, you will have access to our online resources and tools to make it easier to mobilize your group members and assist to raise funds for the EDTF.

While there is no-one-size fit all configuration of an EDTF Chapter, as each Chapter needs to reflect the specific situation and needs of Ethiopian Diaspora in different cities or countries, an EDTF Chapter represents a defined group of Ethiopian Diaspora belonging a specific religious, professional, civic, social, city or country. EDTF Chapters are the link between Ethiopian Diaspora groups and the EDTF Advisory Council.


Confidentiality Agreement
I agree to treat as confidential all information I learn or acquire about clients, partners and others in any relationship with Friends of EDTF Inc. (FEDTF) during the performance of my EDTF duties and I understand that it would be a violation of policy to disclose such information to anyone without express written approval of the FEDTF Chairman or a duly designated FEDTF official .
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