Craft Beer Club Questionnaire
This questionnaire will help Craft Beer Club optimize their website for a best user experience.
How old are you?
Have you ever bought Alcohol online before?
Do you understand how a subscription model work?
Not at all
Totally get it
Who would you buy a beer subscription box for?
How easy was it to order a Craft Beer Club box?
Super easy
How was your overall experience with Craft Beer Club?
How was it to navigate the site?
Super easy
Was the over all purchasing experience a pleasant one?
Not at All
Very pleasant
Did you feel like you could trust Craft Beer Club?
What factors would help you decide to trust and eventually buy a box from the Craft Beer Club
Are you confident Craft Beer Club will be able to deliver your box with ease?
Not confident
Very confident
Would you recommend this subscription service to anyone?
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
Would you trust this website to adequately prep, package, ship, and delver alcohol to you?
Not Likly
How else would you improve the overall site experience?
Your answer
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