St Patrick La Rochelle Survey 2021
We would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on how we can improve your experience!
Do you feel welcomed at St Patrick? *
Do you feel our Parish is sensitive to the major needs of parishioners? *
From the list below, which group should our Parish give most priority for outreach? *
Do you attend any Parish Activity or function besides Mass *
Which group in our Parish you belong to? *
Since the lockdown started our Priest have decided to LiveStream all the Mass Celebrations on Social Media. Do you have access to unlimited Internet / WIFI to LiveStream?
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Which Social Media Platforms do you use most? *
Have you ever followed our LiveStream? On which Platform *
Would you like to be added on our Parish ZOOM or Microsoft Teams Meeting Platform? *
Your age Group *
What best describes your current marital status? *
If you are Married/Couple, are you interested in joining the Marriage and Family Ministry in our Parish
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