6:20 Chili Nights - Event & Community Registration
I acknowledge that by registering to the 6:20ChiliNights event in relation to the event I consent and give permission to the 620ChiliNights organizers to the followings:

- I explicitly give permission and consent to the organizers of 620ChiliNights to store my my name and email address and use it for sending newsletters and informing me about their upcoming events. I understand that I can revoke this consent any time and I can unsubscribe of the newsletter anytime by sending an email message to the organizers.

- I consent and authorize 620ChiliNights to take photographies, and record videos and audios of me when attending the 620ChiliNights event (hereinafter: Images). I authorize 620ChiliNights to use the Images for marketing and promotional purposes on their website, Facebook page, or other social media platforms. I understand that 620ChiliNights will use the Images exclusively for 620ChiliNights related purposes. I acknowledge that 620ChiliNights is not responsible for unauthorized use of the Images by any third party, and I waive any and all claims against the organizers of 620ChiliNights in relation to the use of the Images.
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