Residence Facilitator Application 2019
Residence Facilitators (RFs) are upper-year students employed by the Residence Society (ResSoc), who work in conjunction with the Residence Life Office. They work to ensure Residence Community Standards are followed and assist in the execution of events for the residents of their building. This is a live-in, part-time position. The duties of this role include, but are not limited to:
• Receive incident reports from Assistant Residence Life Coordinators (ARLCs) and schedule interviews with students to discuss their documentation.
• Educate students on the Queen’s Residence Community Standards and the importance of maintaining a safe and respectful residence environment.
• Determine the extent to which a student should be held responsible for their actions following the interview(s), assign appropriate sanctions, communicate follow up to student(s), complete documentation for ARLC.
• Work collaboratively with Residence Facilitators from other buildings to share insight and experience.
• Assist the House President(s) of your building with execution of events and initiatives.
• Sit on House Council alongside the House President and take minutes.
• Support house team members through attendance at weekly Residence Staff meetings.
• Provide balance between mentorship, guidance and leadership in their residence community.
• Comfortable facilitating (sometimes) difficult conversations with students about their actions.
• Knowledgeable (or will become knowledgeable) and promoter of Queen’s Residence Community Standards and non-academic misconduct system.
• Team player eager to learn and support fellow staff members in the Residence Community.
• Strong communication skills in various modes such as through e-mail, verbally, formal interviews, 1:1 meetings, and documentation to various stakeholders including students, fellow Residence Staff members, and Queen’s University professional staff, etc.
• Proper time management skills to balance full-time academic requirements with job duties, upholding case turnaround times, scheduling conduct meetings with students, responding to e-mails, attending Residence Staff team meetings and completing required documentation by the due date.
• Passionate about the first-year student experience and eager to act as a mentor in the Residence Community through your work in the conduct system and ancillary responsibilities through Move-in Day, Training Week, House Council meetings and events, etc.
1. Must be a Queen’s student enrolled full-time in both fall and winter semesters for the 2019-2020 academic year, in accordance with the guidelines outlined by the Registrar’s Office and have paid the Residence Society Fee.
2. Meet the Registrar’s Office minimum registration fee deadline.
3. Have at least one (1) year of post-secondary experience living in Queen’s Residences (or BISC).
4. Must be legally entitled to work in Canada, or possess a valid student visa.
5. Must intend to reside in allocated Queen’s Residence building in Kingston for both fall and winter semesters of the academic year (outgoing and incoming exchange students for Fall 2019/Winter 2020 are ineligible).
6. Faculty of Education students with a teaching practicum outside of Kingston are also ineligible.
7. Must provide (at your own expense) the physical original of a Police Criminal Background Check with Vulnerable Sector Clearance by the first day of employment in May 2019.
1. The Residence Facilitator duties as outlined above extend for one academic year. RFs are employed from the first day of May 2019 of the year of hire until twenty-four (24) hours after the last scheduled April exam in 2020. However, there are minimal responsibilities between May and the middle of August besides responding to e-mails, completing short online training modules and filling out administrative paperwork, etc.
2. Facilitators are required to live in residence during the academic year. These periods are: first day of mandatory training in August, (typically takes place starting the second last week of August for two weeks leading up to Orientation Week) until the end of the April 2020 exam period (with the potential to move-out earlier in the month permitting all case work is complete and academic exams are complete). This excludes all holiday weekends and Reading Week. Regular weekend and other periodical absences are also permitted so long as they do not impede job responsibilities.
3. Residence Facilitators must abide by the policies and procedures as outlined by Queen’s University Residences, the Community Standards handbook, University Code of Conduct and ResSoc employee policies. Failure to abide by these policies may result in termination.
4. ResSoc reserves the right to revise the terms of employment, eligibility requirements, and job description if required.
1. It is an expectation that Residence Facilitators will remain in regular contact with the Vice President of Judicial Affairs, their Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, and Residence Life Coordinator, and shall keep them informed (written and verbally) about all incidents and events in their area of responsibility in a timely manner. This will provide a partial basis upon which their direct supervisor can review the Residence Facilitator’s performance.
2. Abiding by the Staff Conduct Policy, the ResSoc VP Judicial Affairs and Human Resources Officer will note staff conduct issues as appropriate when job performance concerns come to their attention or are brought to their attention by Residence Life professional staff or other ResSoc/Queen’s staff members.
3. When performance is perceived to be below standard, the matter will be addressed immediately and confidentially between the RF, the ResSoc President, VP Judicial Affairs, and Human Resources Officer. Prior to the meeting, the Executive may consult with the Assistant/Residence Life Coordinator.
• Remuneration for each Residence Facilitator position will be in the amount of 50% of the Queen’s Residence single room and board fee to be paid in monthly deposits from September to April.
• RFs are required to pay the Queen’s Residences deposit, and residence staff room and board fee in accordance with their terms and deadlines. Please also note that staff residence fees are equal among all residence buildings and room types (e.g. single vs. single-plus placements).
• The standard meal plan is included in your Residence fees.
• A standard single room in Residence is guaranteed.
• Accommodation for special considerations pertaining to your room placement are possible if handled and approved directly through the Queen’s Residence Admissions office following their strict policies and procedures.
Application due date: Sunday, January 13th, 2019 at 11:59pm
Interviews (one round only): Date TBD, but as early as Wednesday, January 16th, 2019 on campus
Hiring Decisions: Wednesday, January 30th, 2019
*All subject to change*

Please note accommodations can be made to arrange Video interviews for applicants currently on exchange. Please e-mail if you have any questions.

In order to ensure fairness and equity in our selection process, if you require accommodations for a disability in order to participate, please contact at any time before or after submitting your application.
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