Creative Game Designer for is bringing on a Game Designer to help make playing chess more fun and rewarding. With over 600 million active players, chess is the most popular game on Earth. As a Game Designer for, you will have a hand in shaping how these players experience a game that has continued to grow in popularity for the last 1500 years. With more than 20 million members, you will find this role to be extremely rewarding as every interface and experience you create will be used by millions of passionate people.

As part of the team, you will work closely with our product and development teams to energize, simplify, and modernize the playing experience on our mobile and web applications. Our team of over 100 awesome developers, content producers, and support members all work remotely, so strong communication skills, self-motivation, and a great pajama wardrobe are a must. :)

Critical Hits:
- Mobile game design experience
- Computer/console game design experience
- Fun, fluid, and natural motion design skills
- Masterful UI design skills
- Refined taste for knowing
- Ability to identify areas for improvement
- Passion for design with a constant eye on design trends
- Strong ability to communicate and collaborate with development teams
- 5+ years in the gaming industry
- Ability to discern when to rapidly prototype and when to fixate on minutiae

Bonus Damage:
- Illustration and animation skills
- Work on AAA / top mobile games
- Asset production automation
- Avid gamer across platforms & genres
- Broadcast media design experience

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