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Online Coaching Sessions are either a 45-minute (individual) or 60-90 minute (2+ relationship partners), confidential, video call via Skype or GoogleHangout.

Online Coaching Sessions are perfect for folks seeking sex, sexuality, or relationship advice who want more personalized, extensive, and immediate advice than the sex column has to offer either on a one-time or ongoing basis.

Relationship coaching calls will always include homework and resources to take away with you for continued personal and relational growth.

Online Coaching Sessions are also great for folks who are interested in becoming a sex educator or who would like to "pick my brain" to use my expertise and experience as a resource for their own professional endeavors.

All calls are confidential, one-on-one coaching and advice-giving sessions with me -- an experienced, pleasure-positive, consent-focused, queer and inclusive, professional sex columnist and sex educator.

These calls are NOT therapy and are not intended to stand-in for or be used as professional therapeutic help.

Due to the nature of my work and schedule, I am unable to guarantee a prompt appointment but I will do my best to fit you into my schedule as quickly as possible.


This form will help me determine if your goals & topics are a good fit for this service & will get us started on scheduling your call.

Topics that are a great fit for Online Coaching Sessions are:

* Polyamorous / Non-Monogamous Relationships: negotiating them, getting them started, untangling complications, or just general info.

* Sex Toys Advice: which vibrator should I get? I've never had one before, where do I start? What should I get my partner?

* General Relationship Advice: I'm kinky and she's not -- now what? Our sex drives don't match up, what should I do? I'm so jealous all the time, WAH, help!

* Sexuality Advice: I've never had an orgasm -- am I broken? I think my sex drive is too low -- what should I do? I think maybe I'm bisexual -- how do I know?

* Relational Communication Work: We're stuck in a rut and can't get out! HALP!

* Educational Advice: What sex-positive books should I read? How do I become a sex educator? I want to teach sex ed workshops, how do I start?

* "I Want to Pick Your Brain!": I'm working on a similar career path, project, workshop, or other professional sex/consent/sexuality/etc educational endeavor and would love to use your experience and knowledge as a resource.

Topics that are NOT a good fit for Online Coaching Sessions:

* Relational safety concerns or self-disclosures {head to Safe Passage at for assistance in leaving an unsafe relationship or getting post-violence help}

* Erotic or sexual calls {this isn't that type of service, sorry}

* Calls are not available to clients who have, are currently, or plan in the future to hire me in my professional capacity as a therapist as this presents a conflict-of-interest. Calls are not intended to be nor do they claim to be professionally therapeutic in nature.


All fees are non-refundable, are due 24 hours before your call appointment, and can be made via PayPal at my link at: or via Venmo @ YanaTH

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I will video call you at our agreed upon time! At this point, voice-only (non-video call) is not an option for personal safety reasons. Please be aware that with the problematic passing of SESTA/FOSTA laws, using these platforms to discuss sex & sexuality now comes with extra potential risks. If you have special requests around how we manage the content of our discussions due to these laws, please contact me and we can discuss.
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Please note that I do not accept any insurances for coaching. All appointments can be paid via PayPal or Venmo. There are a limited amount of sliding-scale fees available for clients adversely affected by socioeconomic factors. Please indicate if you'd like to be considered for a sliding-scale appointment below. If you are able to pay fees in full, you will be creating more space for others to receive sliding scale rates.
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