Are you okay?
''Are you okay?'' is a study environment survey that the Health, Environment and Safety Committee in The Science Student Union sends out at least every third year to ensure that the union works in the best way possible to give you an as safe and comfortable time as possible during your studies. All answers to the questionnaire and all comments are an essential contribution to the committee's work and can lead to real changes at department, faculty, and university level!

Studying can be stressful, and the life of a student can be horrible at times. If you need support or want to report an issue, you can go to There you find information about support functions both within and outside of the university as well as contact information to relevant people within the union that you can contact with any issue. You can always be anonymous!

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact and remember: You are amazing!
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All students at the Faculty of Science belong to one of six student councils. If you are unsure of which one you belong to or want more information, you can read more at
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Working on your theses includes the entire period where you are registered at a thesis course.
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A person who are active in The Science Student Union is any student who hold any position elected by the parliament, student council etc.
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