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You're signing up for the community weekend in Berlin, September 2nd – 4th.

Note: We’re currently receiving a lot of sign-ups. In order to give everyone a chance to sign up, we will select a few participants each month and enter the others into a waitlist. Applicants on the waitlist have a chance of being admitted later on, if more space frees up.

Hint: Since this is a participant-driven event, offering content (talks or lightning talks, group activities, workshops, etc) will significantly improve your chances of getting in. That said, offering content is not mandatory and even if you don't feel like you have anything specific to offer, it's still worth it to sign up :)
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The default ticket is 150€. You can opt out of the included accommodation. Choose the supporter tickets if you want to make an additional financial contribution to make this community weekend even more awesome.
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These are short 5 minute talks. They work very well for getting to know everyone's interests. We recommend giving one and will reserve a large amount of time for these.

You want to contribute a full size talk, workshop or tutorial? That's great! Email us at .
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Do you have a practical skill you want to show off or teach? Do you have ideas for socializing games or other activities?

Most of these you will be able to just do. If you want to do something bigger that needs explicit scheduling or equipment - or if you have any questions - email us at .
Do you have beliefs and opinions (or behaviors) relevant to the topics at this event where you think others would disagree with you and you want to either be proven wrong or to convince others that you are right?
Aumann's agreement theorem, roughly speaking, says that two agents acting rationally (in a certain precise sense) and with common knowledge of each other's beliefs cannot agree to disagree. Wherever two rationalists disagree, at least one of them is wrong - and they might want to know who it is! LWCW16 brings together many fairly rational people and lots of potential disagreement. This offers a perfect opportunity to put Aumann's agreement theorem to the test. We call this the Aumann Arena, where "Two beliefs enter; one belief leaves!" To join the fray, bring beliefs that others will disagree with, and let them fight - to the death! (Or to a consensus arising from mutual updates on the sum of the evidence. We'll see.) Note: if you can't think of anything now but would still like to participate: Don't worry, we'll ask this question again before the event. Alternatively, you can email your beliefs to
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