Great Lakes Lacquer Blogger and Swatcher Application form
Thank you for your interest in Great Lakes Lacquer! I'm always on the lookout for new bloggers to work with. While I do not have any complete blog packs available at this time, I like to send a few to new bloggers/swatchers with new collections at some points in time. These may be a mix of old and new polishes so please let me know if you have any of mine already.

My expectations:

1. Swatches and/or blog post to be completed before the launch of new releases. I ask that photos and/or reviews be completed at least 5 days before the scheduled launch. You can post later than that as long as it is before the launch but I want to ensure we both have time for any last minute issues or questions, should they arise. Life happens though and if an emergency arises, please just notify me.

2. Permission to use your photos across social media for advertising/marketing purposes or in my shop. Watermarks are more than welcome in all photos. I will also give proper credit when using your photos and provide a link back to your blog and/or IG account.

3. Sharing across social media yourself is appreciated but I consider that an extra as I know how hard bloggers work already. :)

4. Please approach me with any issues or concerns before posting on your blog. I would appreciate the chance to fix any issues and trust that you would give me the opportunity to do so. I would NOT ask you to change a blog post as I have provided my products for honest review, I would hope that you would approach me so that I'm able to resolve the issue and respond.

Filling out this application does not mean that you will be sent samples. Also, if you are selected and not used again, please know that I appreciate all your hard work and it is nothing personal as I'm just trying to expand my reach. Thank you again, for your interest!

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I understand and agree that, if chosen to swatch/review/blog for Great Lakes Lacquer, I give full permission to use my photos and/or review content, with due credit given, to promote Great Lakes Lacquer on social media sites and shop listings. I understand that I may be chosen for only a single time or an ongoing partnership upon agreement. Polish colors and quantity sent will be at Great Lakes Lacquer's discretion. I am willing to review/swatch within 2 weeks of receiving the polishes unless an agreement has been made otherwise. *
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