Kennedy-Powell Elementary: Classroom Request 2020-2021
Responses due: Friday, May 29. Complete (1) form per student.
Classroom Request Guidelines
1. Parents wishing to make a request for their child for the upcoming school year are to make the request online to the principal utilizing the Classroom Information Sheet below. For consideration, forms must be complete and answered according to directions.

2. It is not possible to honor all requests. Teaching assignments may need to be changed late in the summer and requested teachers may not be available.

3. A written request (this form), or lack of request, will have no influence on the care and quality of education given to each child.

4. Parents are cautioned not to request placement upon what they have heard about a teacher or teachers from other parents or community members. Just as each child is unique, so are teachers. An experience that other parents may have had with their children may be different from what your child could have with the same teacher.

5. Please understand that many factors, including but not limited to academic and social considerations, total class size, male/female ratio, and heterogeneous grouping are used in the placement decisions. The final decision on all student placements rests with the principal after date consideration to staff recommendations and parent requests, however as stated, we may not always be able to. Our first commitment is to children and we will create balanced and equitable classes.

6. Final class assignments will be published at "Meet the Teacher Night". Information about class assignments will not be available prior to this event.

Your submission of this form acknowledges that you have read and understand the Classroom Guidelines outlined above.
Request Form
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