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  MUSICAL INSTRUMENT RENTAL AGREEMENT v. 3/2015 Leithold Piano Co., Inc., dba Leithold Music, hereby leases to the undersigned Lessee (“Rental Customer”) for the lease period stated, the property described with standard attachments and equipment subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth.  Rental Customer in consideration of the said rental expressly covenants and agrees as follows:   1.  The property will be kept only at Rental Customer’s stated address, and upon termination of this agreement will be returned in substantially as good condition as when received by Rental Customer.  However, if an instrument is damaged or lost because of fire or theft, Rental Customer shall not be responsible for any cost of repair or replacement, provided that Rental Customer reports the incident to Leithold Piano Co., Inc. within 10 days of the occurrence and reports the theft within 10 days of occurrence to the appropriate police department, with a copy of the police report being provided to Leithold Piano Co., Inc. 2.  The monthly lease payments shall commence on the beginning date of lease period, and continue monthly thereafter for the length of the lease period on the same day each month.  Rental Customer agrees to pay Leithold Piano Co., Inc., during the terms of the lease the monthly payments in the amounts and at the times specified, until the total number of lease payments has been made.  Payments shall be made at or sent to Leithold Piano Co., Inc.  If the instrument has not been returned to Leithold Piano Co., Inc., by the end of the lease period, rent shall continue to accrue at the monthly rental fee, on a prorated daily basis, until such time as the instrument has been returned to Leithold Piano Co., Inc.  The fact that the instrument may have been returned to the school music department does not relieve the Rental Customer of liability for rent until the instrument is returned to Leithold Piano Co., Inc.  Rental Customer shall be liable to Leithold Piano Co., Inc. for any costs and expenses incurred to regain possession of the instrument.  If the Rental Customer does not return the instrument to Leithold Piano Co., Inc. upon termination of the lease or expiration of the lease period, the Rental Customer shall be liable to Leithold Piano Co., Inc. for the retail price of the instrument, less a portion of the rent actually paid, as allowed under the option to purchase in paragraph 4 of this lease. 3.  The Rental Customer may, at any time during the rental period, return the leased property to Leithold Piano Co., Inc., 116 South Fourth Street, La Crosse, WI, in good condition and the lease shall be deemed terminated. 4.  The Rental Customer has the option to purchase the above-described leased instrument for the retail price of instrument indicated less rent paid for a total of 24 months (not including sales tax).  The option must be exercised on or before the termination of the lease and only if the lease is not in default. 5.  Leithold Piano Co., Inc. has the option at any time to terminate this contract if Rental Customer is in default hereunder as defined in No. 425.103(2) of Wisconsin Statutes.  In such event Rental Customer agrees to promptly return or, where necessary, make leased property immediately available for pick up. 6.  This lease is not assignable by Rental Customer, nor may the property be rented by others. 7.  Rental Customer acknowledges that the interest of Rental Customer herein is subordinate to any present or future encumbrances recorded or unrecorded, if any, in favor of any lending institution.  Upon exercise of Rental Customer right to purchase, Leithold Piano Co., Inc. will transfer title to Rental Customer free and clear of any encumbrance. 8.  The obligations hereunder are incurred in the interest of the marriage and family. 9.  The Rental Customer will provide updates or changes to credit/debit card or ACH information before payment is due on lease period date.  If any installment is not paid in full on or before the 10th day after monthly lease period date, a delinquency charge of $5.00 shall be added to the account.   10.  In the event that Rental Customer is in default under the terms of this agreement, Leithold Piano Co., Inc. shall have the right, but not the obligation, to recover possession of any instrument left with the school music department.  Leithold Piano Co., Inc. is not responsible for any agreement or promise other than written or printed on the face of this agreement.   *
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To complete your instrument rental, you must CALL US @ 608-784-7555 to provide your preferred payment information (ACH routing and account numbers, or credit card) as noted above. We can not fill your request until we have your payment info on file for the monthly rental charges. By calling us with this information you agree to allow us to charge your account monthly. Please call anytime during business hours: M-F 9:30am - 6pm or Saturday 9:30am - 5pm. Thank you!
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