Gathering ideas for Art is a Way.
On my previous post I talked about my new web-site which is now under construction.
The main goal of Art is a Way is to help you connect with your full creative potential.
I am building that new home with you in mind. That's why I need your help.
With this survey I want to gather information so I can make of Art is a Way a helpful
and meaningful place where you can find real answers.
This survey is 100% safe and confidential. As you can see
your e-mail address is not required. All I need is your honest words.
Thanks a lot in advance for your time!
Elsita :)
What is your dream as a creative person? What do you want to achieve?
Don't be afraid to dream big. Write as much or as little as you want.
Your answer
What do you struggle with as a creative person?
By knowing this I will be able to help you from Art is a Way.
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