CS61A Spring 2014 Final Survey
Please complete this survey by 11:59pm on Friday, May 16. Your feedback helps improve future iterations of CS 61A.

This survey is not anonymous; you are asked to enter your course login. Additional personal information is optional. Aside from your "last remark," responses to this survey will not affect your grade in the course or future recommendations in any way. We will not look at any other responses until final grades are submitted. We will only use your login in order to measure broad statistical relationships between student scores and survey responses, so that we can better understand the effectiveness of assignments and course topics.

Completion of this survey is worth 1.5 points. If a question is optional (not marked with a *), then you don't have to answer it to receive credit.

If 90% of students complete the survey, then everyone will receive 2.5/1 (full credit plus one extra credit point).

Thanks for a great semester; have a nice summer!

Paul Hilfinger

Personal Information
What is your login? *
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Last Remark: In 140 characters, is there anything the staff needs to know to assign your final grade fairly?
If you feel you were scored unfairly at any point, let us know here. We will read your response before assigning final grades.
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What is your gender?
If this imperfect categorization does not apply to you, please feel free not to answer.
Do you consider yourself to be an underrepresented ethnic or racial minority within computer science courses that you have seen so far?
Academic Background
What is your major? *
If you are undeclared, choose the major category that you will most likely pursue. If you have multiple majors, choose the first that applies.
Is CS 61A your first computer science course? *
Please only include full-semester courses taken for academic credit.
Is this your first computer science course at UC Berkeley? *
Please only include courses that completed before CS 61A began.
Have you taken or considered taking CS 10? *
How many years have you attended UC Berkeley, including this one? *
Were you enrolled in another college or university before UC Berkeley *
For example, are you a junior transfer student?
Do you think you will take another computer science course at UC Berkeley? *
Programming Background
Before taking this course this semester, how good a programmer did you consider yourself to be? *
At this time, how good a programmer do you consider yourself to be? *
When did you start programming? *
If you don't remember exactly, your best guess is fine.
Which project did you enjoy the most? *
Which project taught you the most? *
Which project do you think needs the most revision? *
For how many projects did you work with a partner? *
How often did you work with a partner on homework assignments? *
How positive/negative an experience did you have working with a partner?
If you did not work with a partner, you do not need to answer this question.
Very negative
Very positive
What was your favorite aspect of the projects?
If a particular project or part of a project appealed to you, let us know
Your answer
What are your other comments/suggestions about the projects?
Your answer
Topics and Content
Does the course contain the right amount of content? *
Too much content
Not enough content
What fraction of the online textbook did you read? *
Every word
What fraction of the live lectures did you attend? *
What fraction of the screencasts of live lecture did you watch? *
How can the video content or your viewing experience be improved?
Your answer
What are your other comments/suggestions about the course content and lectures?
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Optional Sections and Office Hours
How many optional guerrilla sections did you attend? *
There were four: higher-order functions; recursion; general midterm review; and Scheme, logic, & streams
For those you attended, how much did the guerrilla sections improve your understanding?
If you never attended one or the other, please skip this question
A lot
Which format did you prefer, regular discussion section or guerrilla section?
If you never attended one or the other, please skip this question
How many office hours did you attend per week on average? *
When you attended office hours, did you receive the help you expected?
If you did not attend office hours, please skip this question
Muvh less helpful than I expected
Much more helpful than I expected
How much time did you spend on the course per week on average, including attending class? *
How interested are you in pursuing computer science as a major? *
Not interested
Very interested
Relative to before you took 61A, how interested are you in pursuing computer science as a major? *
Less interested
More interested
How much do you feel you learned in 61A, in both new ideas and skills? *
Not much
A lot
Relative to your expectations, how much do you feel you learned in 61A? *
Less than expected
More than expected
How happy are you about your decision to take 61A? *
I wish that I hadn't taken the course
Very happy
What worked best for you in 61A?
Your answer
What about 61A was the most discouraging or frustrating?
Your answer
What are your suggestions for improving the course?
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