GROW.HERE. (powered by Inspire) Intake Form for Education Partners
Thank you for your interest in becoming a GROW.HERE. Education Partner!

In order to start the onboarding process, please complete the following form so we can learn more about your school/district. Once this form has been submitted and evaluated, we will respond back with recommendations and an invitation to schedule an orientation session for your planning team.

Any questions regarding this form should be directed to:
Stacey Duchrow
Manager, Business and Education Partnerships

Thank you!

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Name of Education Partner/Organization: *
Name of Lead Contact for GROW.HERE. (powered by Inspire): *
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As the Lead Contact, do you have the capacity in your job to lead a team through the process of Implementing Inspire? *
Why is your school/district interested in becoming a GROW.HERE. partner and using Inspire? How do you envision using Inspire with your students and business partners? *
Please use the following to assess your readiness to become a GROW.HERE. Education Partner and use Inspire: *
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Our building level and district administrators are aware of and supportive of our interest in becoming a GROW.HERE. partner and using Inspire.
Becoming a GROW.HERE. partner and using Inspire is consistent with and will be directly integrated into our district's ACP framework.
We will provide students in grades 6-12 with career-based learning experiences and will share our data with the GROW.HERE. network. This includes providing our team with a baseline of previous years career-based learning experiences before Inspire.
We will engage business partners as a regular part of our learning program and will utilize Inspire as the tool business partners will use to communicate with our staff and students.
We will assemble a planning team to implement Inspire that will meet on a regular basis and consist of: Principal and/or Assistant Principal, School Counselors, CTE Teachers, 2 Special Education Teachers, 2 Academic Subject Teachers, 2 Students (if possible), 2 Parents (if possible) and 2 Business Partners
Our planning team will create a implementation plan for Inspire that will be supported and monitored. This plan will drive training, professional development and employer engagement needed for successful implementation.
Tell us about your level of experience using Career Cruising: *
Who are your primary business partners? *
The GROW.HERE. Campaign will measure specific career-based learning experiences. Please indicate ALL the experiences your district/organization CURRENTLY offers students or would like to offer in the future.
We currently offer this
We would like to offer this
Career Coach/Mentors
Career Fair
Career-related Projects (in classes or student organizations)
Career-related Project/Competitions (DECA, HOSA, Skills USA etc.)
Company Tours
Guest Speakers/Classroom Presentations
Informational Interviewing (of Industry Professionals)
Job Shadows
Parent or Educator Site Visits/Job Shadows
Paid Work Experience
Co-op Program
Youth Apprenticeship Program
Mock Interviews (by Industry Partners)
Resume Reviews (by Industry Partners)
Teacher Externships
The GROW.HERE. Campaign will measure the number of students participating in career-based learning experiences. Please list a baseline number of current CBLEs your school participates in. Ex. total of students who participate in internship, job shadows, career fairs for the year
If applicable, please attach specific CBLE data below. Ex. spreadsheet of current CBLEs listing employers and the number for students participating
Please check all the clusters in which your district/organization offers courses or programs (including student organizations): *
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