Basketball Tasmania - SportsTG Training
The Basketball Tasmania Gala Weekend will be held at the Elphin Sports Centre on 16 November.

Our annual STG training will be on offer from 10.00am - 12.00pm and 1.00pm - 3.30pm, with Rob Flude, Basketball Australia's Head of Digitial Services and Heidi Smith, Basketball Australia's The Basketball Network Project Manager. These are the Australian experts in :
- SportsTG Website design
- SportsTG Registration Form and Product setup
- SportsTG Competition setup
- SportsTG Reporting
- SportsTG Financial

Attendance at these sessions will assist you to set up your CAM/Club/Affiliate for 2020, saving you time and stress. Multiple people attending from your CAM/Club/Affiliate is absolutely encouraged so there is a better wealth of knowledge within your basketball community; or many hands make light work!

Required :
- laptop per person (not tablet) which is charged and has a charging cable
- method to connect the laptop to the internet
- access to your SportsTG database
- if you know your fees for 2020, this would be advantageous

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