Living Openhearted Therapy & Wellness Pre-Employment Questionnaire
Hello! Thanks for taking the time out to apply for a therapist position at Living Openhearted Therapy and Wellness. To streamline the process and be sure we are an appropriate match, please fill out this questionnaire. Thank you!

***REQUIRED:  Please send your resume and cover letter to in order to be considered for the position.
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Please tell us about any certifications, previous experience, or any other information that informs us about your ability to work with that population(s).
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Living Openhearted Therapy and Wellness has a mission to be values-driven group practice and is looking for clinicians who will be invested in our culture, growth, and mission. Do you plan to be working at another job while employed at LOTW?  *
Why do you want to work at a group practice?  Why Living Openhearted Therapy and Wellness? *
Our practice is committed to profession growth and development.  What are your long term goals (1-3 years out)? Personally and/or professionally. *
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Thank you for taking the time to respond! We will reach out shortly.
If you haven't already, please email Kristin at with your resume and cover letter.  
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