As part of the Rebuilding in Faith and Hope initiative already underway, Bishop Edgar M. da Cunha, S.D.V. is inviting lay and clergy leaders from across the Fall River Diocese to serve as a member of a Planning Commission whose task will be to imagine and develop diocesan services and ministries that can better support our parishes.

THREE planning commissions will be established: CATHOLIC SOCIAL SERVICES COMMISSION, YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULT COMMISSION, and DIOCESAN / CHANCERY GOVERNANCE COMMISSION (which will break into subcommittees). Each person is asked to select one commission to serve on; below you will be able to enter a FIRST and SECOND choice.

For more information, please read Bishop da Cunha's letter of invitation at http://bit.ly/BishopdaCunhaLetter

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1. CATHOLIC SOCIAL SERVICES COMMISSION will plan for significant growth and re-branding. They will galvanize their mission, vision, and goals, and create an operational plan for CSS that includes ways to partner with our parishes and schools. We can better serve the poor and marginalized of our society if we work together and not in parish or ministry silos.

2. YOUTH & YOUNG ADULT COMMISSION will develop inspirational programming and recruit new leadership for the formation and evangelization of our "Generation Y" Millennials (born between 1980-1994, ages 24-38) and our "Generation Z" (born between 1995-2012, ages 6-23).

3. DIOCESAN / CHANCERY GOVERNANCE COMMISSION will evaluate the current operations and effectiveness of our chancery offices and ministries, and determine new ways to better serve our parishes.

This Commission will have four subcommittees:
- Communications
- Human Resources
- Finances
- Property and Real Estate

FIRST CHOICE - Planning Commissions *
Please select the Planning Commission below on which you would MOST like to serve.
SECOND CHOICE - Planning Commissions *
Please select a SECOND option below, in case your first choice for a Planning Commission is already full.
Please plan to join Bishop da Cunha for a Strategic Planning Kick Off Rally during which all commissions will assemble for their first meeting:

Thursday February 7th
White’s of Westport

66 State Road, Westport

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Light Refreshments and Snacks will be served

All Subsequent meetings will be held as follows:

WHERE:  Bishop Connolly High School, Fall River. We are grateful to Bishop Connolly High School which will serve as host for all Commission meetings. 

WHEN: Each Commission will meet only on weeknights, from 6:30pm - 8:30pm, between February-July 2019.

In addition, sub-committees will plan meetings as needed in between the official Commission meeting dates. See Commission dates below:

- Finance and Administration: Feb. 7, Mar. 19, Apr. 30, June 11, July 16
- Property and Real Estate: Feb. 7, Mar. 19, Apr. 30, June 11, July 16
- Human Resources: Feb. 7, Mar. 20, May 1, June 12, July 17
- Communications: Feb. 7, Mar. 20, May 1, June 12, July 17

YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULT COMMISSION: Feb. 7, Mar. 18, Apr. 29, June 10, July 15

CATHOLIC SOCIAL SERVICES COMMISSION: Feb. 7, Mar. 21, May 2, June 13, July 18

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