Hepatitis E Virus: Need Assessment
• This need assessment will be geared towards filling the educational gap about Hepatitis E Virus (zoonotic diseases/ food safety) in 4H members and members of family and consumer sciences.
• This assessment will likely be completed by 4H facilitators and Food and Consumer Science educators.
• From this assessment we can develop an effective way to teach and communicate children and community members about Hepatitis E Virus.
• From this assessment we will determine knowledge gaps and what types of information the community wants to learn about.

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1. Which program are you part of? *
2. Have you heard about Hepatitis E Virus (HEV)? If yes then check all the ways you have heard about HEV: *
3. Scope of the disease: How many people are infected by Hepatitis E Virus (HEV) worldwide? *
4. What are potential ways people get infected by Hepatitis E Virus (HEV)? *
5. One of the ways that HEV is transmitted to humans is through animals (direct contact/ consumption of their products). Check all the animals that can transmit HEV to humans: *
6. Has HEV been detected in meat at local grocery stores? *
7. As consumers of animal products do you think your community needs to learn about Hepatitis E Virus? / Do you think it is valuable for children/ community members to learn about Hepatitis E Virus? *
8. Would you attend presentations or read information on Hepatitis E Virus that we would provide? *
9. What method of learning about Hepatitis E Virus do you think would be the most effective for you/children? *
10. Do you have suggestions for locations/activities where talks or literature could be distributed?
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Additional suggestions:
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