2019-20 5th Grade Human Growth and Development Opt-Out Form
As part of the Battle Ground Public Schools curriculum, we provide information to 5th grade students about how their body changes and develops as they grow and enter puberty. Teachers and/or school nurses present the information and supporting materials to students in Human Growth and Development classes that are taught separately to boys and girls. The classes will be taught sometime between Dec. 2, 2019 and the end of the school year, depending on each middle school's schedule. In these classes your child will
*be presented with accurate and age-appropriate knowledge about his/her human growth and development
*learn how to develop a positive self-image and/or attitude toward the changes that he/she will experience
*hear about why it is important to communicate with parents about puberty
*be shown a video titled "Always Changing" (boys will see the Boys video and girls will see the Girls video)

Parents can preview the videos at https://www.pgschoolprograms.com/Parents

Parents can choose to exclude their children from participating in Human Growth and Development classes by completing the form below. Please complete the form prior to Nov. 30, 2019.
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