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We all need times where someone needs to come into our lives and help us get to the next level in our journey. Our meeting together may be a great opportunity for God to meet you in your life. If you are interested in this, keep reading.

My consultations are best described by the word coach. An effective coach assesses the situation, identifies the factors that need to be addressed and creates a plan of execution so that the player is setup for the greatest potential of victory.

Many people experience counseling, which creates all kinds of expectations, some good, some bad. My approach is more of an equipping process–putting tools in your hands to become empowered for victory. Many people expect a model that is dysfunctional; where they hope the person they meet with will give them a magic pill, take away their problems or be a superhero for them. Coaching is more about helping someone who already wants healing and freedom, who wants change and is willing to take personal responsibility for walking it out.

A coach lays out a plan, but does not do the work for the player. In the same way, my desire is to equip a person to overcome and walk out a freedom process. Each person I work with gets a customized plan of action, but it is important to know, I will work in alignment with your desire to engage the transformation journey. I cannot want your freedom more than you do.

Before we setup a session, the following questions need to be answered to help me understand your battleground.

Who do I Work With?
- A person who has a deep desire to change and they are ready to make the necessary changes for growth.
- Someone who is teachable, willing to listen and learn.

How often do I meet with people I help?
- My process involves giving homework and tools to apply. For those I meet with regularly, I meet with about once a month. I like to give time for the tools and insights to have a work in the person's life. I do make exceptions to meet sooner with those who genuinely need more frequent session investment.

What is the Session Cost?
- We ask for a minimum donation of $149 per 50 minute session.
- Half hour sessions are available for $75
- Donations are directed towards Turning Hearts Ministries.
- Monthly partners receive discounts, depending on partnership program they are in.

Do you take insurance?
- We do not take insurance, but use the donation procedure shown above.

Email address
First & Last Name
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Marital Status
Date of Birth
Home Address
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City, State, Zip
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What do you consider to be your faith basis?
Do you have a home church that you attend?
If yes, what is the name of the church and the city location?
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Are you requesting a meeting by phone or in person?
(please note that in person meetings may take a little more time to schedule)
Are you looking for 50 min or 30 min sessions?
Which of the following books have you read?
What is the main reason you are seeking for help and coaching?
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Please list any current medications you may be using that may be relevant to the issues you are receiving help for
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Have you had previous therapy, coaching or counseling before? Please briefly explain:
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As Mark meets with people, He works alongside to help coach them in their daily investment. Part of your investment may mean purchasing books or teaching materials that address your battlegrounds. Are you willing to take responsibility for your journey by doing assignments that are given, getting recommended resources and applying action steps that are agreed upon?
Disclaimer: Mark DeJesus, Transformed You & Turning Hearts Ministries do not seek to be in conflict with any medical or psychiatric practices. Our focus is to help people walk into wholeness and purpose based on Scriptural perspectives. Much of what is discussed will involve equipping each person to overcome the limitations they face so they can live healthy and fruitful lifestyles. Mark's goal is to help address root issues that become the driving force behind many relationship breakdowns, addictive habits, struggles and even illnesses and give you tools to overcome.
Informed Consent: "I give my consent for meeting with Mark and/or Melissa and I am in no way being forced, pressured or coerced to submit to a procedure from any person or group. I am receiving this help out of my own will. I know that I can terminate a session at any time. I also understand that I am not asking Mark to fix my problems. I am looking for help and insight to for my life, where I am taking full responsibility for my decisions."
Integrity & Accountability: "I understand that Mark DeJesus will respect confidentiality regarding what is addressed in the ministry sessions. Please understand that if we have reason to believe or suspect that a child under the age of 18 has been abused, neglected or is placed in imminent risk of serious harm, we are required by law to report this to the proper authorities. We ask that no video or audio recording devices be used in the sessions, unless specifically given permission. I understand that when a female requests coaching in person, Mark and Melissa conduct those sessions together. "
Time & Promptness: "Mark comes ready to give 100% to the sessions. Please note that if you are more than 15 minutes late to an appointment, it will be considered canceled. Payment will still be expected if session is not canceled at least 24 hours ahead of time. For any last minutes emergencies, you can call or text (860) 384-7968."
Financial Compensation: Because these sessions are a part of the work and calling of Mark DeJesus' life, we ask for a financial contribution for each session. Donation amounts are shown at the top. (Turning Hearts Monthly Partners have a % discount) Donations are tax deductible. We prefer that the donation be given before each session. If you would like to make the donation online, you may use the following link: . Checks can be written to Turning Hearts Ministries and mailed to 543 North Main St. Suite C Manchester, CT 06042
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