Rayyan Survey - Surveying Rayyan's Users on their experience and future development
To continue maintaining and improving Rayyan and serving our large community of users, we would like to gather information about how well we are doing in serving you. We’d appreciate your help in answering the following few questions:
1. Did your use of Rayyan lead to a report or a publication?
2. If Yes, how many such reports/publications did you produce?
3. If the answer to Question 1 is Yes who is the receiving party or what's the citation?
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4. How would you estimate the time saving afforded using Rayyan compared to other tools/means you used before?
5. Usually, once you are done using Rayyan what do you do next?
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6. Besides Rayyan, what other software tools do you use?
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7. What are your favorite Rayyan features?
8. In your opinion, what are the most urgent features that should be added to Rayyan?
9. How many reviews do you have on Rayyan?
10. Your suggestions?
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