Golden Apple Award Support Staff Nomination Form
Every year three teaching staff and one support staff member will be recognized. Teaching staff includes classroom teachers, counselors, physical, occupational and speech therapists and psychologists. Support staff includes technology experts, instructional specialists, library staff, office staff, nurses, food service, and/or maintenance. In order to be eligible, the nominee has had to be employed the Grafton School District for more than five years.

Award nominations can be made by students, parents and community members. Nominee has had to be employed in the Grafton School District for at least 5 years. Contributions to the present school year will be given priority; however, the committee could consider contributions of past years. District staff are not eligible to nominate.

Award winners will each receive a total of $1000. Half of the award is to be utilized for classroom and/or school use at the discretion of the award winner and half is distributed to the award winner for personal use.

Please respond to each question with detailed and specific examples.

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