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I hope you are doing great in your lives :)
Firstly, I'd thank you for choosing to #makeanimpact
Each individual's contribution has a significant value in environment conservation.

I am Aisha Mir, the world's first artist to create eco-friendly paintings by upcycling expired cosmetics in order to protect our beautiful planet from cosmetic pollution. My initiative, Artientifique, aims to redefine the mindset towards eco-friendly art and solve an ecological problem in an artistic way!

Please take a few minutes of your time and help me know you better. It won't take long, I promise!
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Be a part of the Solution, not a part of the Pollution!
We could achieve this big goal by working together and collaborating for this noble cause. Researches reveal that over 90% of the makeup products go waste, which amounts up to £180000, we as artists have to break the chain and collect waste cosmetics from the Artientifique ambassadors in your area. You will be trained in makeup painting so that you could give this WASTE a new identity and transform into beautiful wall paintings.

You will enjoy the flexibility regarding time commitments and work practices. All I request is trust, integrity and burning passion to make a positive global impact.I hope you will keep the cause upfront and try to do your best.

The questions below will help me know your goals better so that we can work together efficiently.
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