Howloween 2018 Artist Alley Application
MAKE SURE to read all the Artist Alley rules and instructions at before applying.

Use this form to reserve an Artist Alley table slot for Howloween 2018. We want to be able to advertise who plans to vend and showcase your work prior to the event. Reserving a table ahead of the event gets you priority!

Applications will be responded to via email from so please make sure you add this to your safe list and be sure to check your junk mail. (First round of responses are planned to be sent out at the end of August.)

If we end up selling out all of the reservable tables through these applications, we will put the rest on a wait list and try to contact you if a table becomes available before or during the event. We cannot guarantee it will happen but we will try! So please check back on the table area every now and again.

IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE please contact, HowloweenCanada on Twitter or @Shadowgoddess in our telegram group - Otherwise if you are 30mins - 1hr late without notice, we may allow someone to take the space if there is someone waiting.

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Full tables are available by default, half tables if there is enough demand. What table type would you prefer? (We will not be selling multiple tables to the same vendor this year due to limited space.) *
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