How Smart is Your Game?
Take the QUIZ and find out! And don't forget to learn from your mistakes! Good luck :)
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Your opponent gives you a shorter ball. You step in and decide to attack and follow to the net. Where do you place your approach shot? *
You hit a cross-court forehand that lands deep in the court. What's your next recovery position? *
You're playing on hard court and your opponent keeps acing you with fast serves in the corners. How do you adjust your return-of-serve position? *
You're playing a retriever (that kind of opponent that keeps sending you back your ball and never takes initiative). How do play to force him/her into errors? *
Your opponent rushes to the net after a cross-court attack. Where do you place your passing shot? *
Your opponent has gained momentum in the match and everything seems to go his/her way. How do you stay in the game? *
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