Student Survey (4th-12th)
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Plans for the Future
Prepares Students for Success
Addresses all Students' Needs
Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following statements about YOUR SCHOOL: *
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Students have pride in the school
Some students at this school just can't be motivated to work
Teachers give me useful feedback
I have access to the tools I need to do my work
I am satisfied with opportunities offered outside of class
Students are treated well and respected by staff
My parents are actively involved with the school
I am proud to tell others that I attend this school
School administrators and staff communicate well with me
This school is a good place for me to attend school
My school addresses the needs of all students
Regarding the student experience, what should the districts key areas of focus be in the coming years? Rate each of the following items on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest priority and 1 being the lowest priority. *
5-Highest Priority
1-Lowest Priority
Students' Social/Emotional Development
Student Achievement on Standardized Tests
Quality of Teaching Staff
School Safety and Security
Hands-on/Real World/Project Based Learning
Working More Intensively With Struggling Students
Community Service Opportunities
Extracurricular Opportunities
Online Learning Experiences
Aligning Lessons & Instruction to Job Market
Access to Cutting Edge Technology
Works well with different groups in our community
Individualized Education for Each Student
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What are things about our school that you'd like to see addressed? (Enter in the space provided) *
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