Camera Ready Submission
To submit your final camera-ready please include the following:
(a) the PDF file of your manuscript,
(b) the compressed (ZIP) file with all the electronic files, most importantly
the source files, LaTeX2e/LaTeX (or Word) including eps files (for figures, i.e, in addition to pdf file of your camera-ready manuscript, please include each figure in a separate eps file) and any macros that you have created;
(c) copyright form (PDF): for each accepted paper to be presented at the conference and included in the conference proceedings, a completed copyright form must be included in the submission of the camera-ready paper on the system. Please download the copyright form from IJCCI website.

Your attachment must include doc and pdf of paper (as per the format) and copyright of the paper. Make it a zip file and use the convention shown for the name,

Corresponding Author E-mail Address
Paper ID
Paper Title
Authors' Name
Authors' Affiliations
Authors' Email
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