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We’re a group of friends and activists who have gotten to know each other over the past several years campaigning for Bernie Sanders, AOC, and various other causes throughout the country related to their shared set of values. Informally, we call ourselves "The Struggle Continues." We're seeking to lay the organizational groundwork necessary to sustain the energy of our movement such that we can continue to show up for each other and make change. If you have questions, comments, etc., contact Sean (
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Bonus Questions
You don't need to answer this now, but filling these out will GREATLY help us to more efficiently mobilize.
How much time can you reliably commit each week?
Best guess is fine! It's understood this might be less (or none) when life gets busy, or much more if you get involved with a project you're really passionate about.
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Do you have a car (or somewhat reliable access to one)?
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Non-English Language Proficiency
Are there any activist organizations with which you identify that would make good partners in our work?
What is your current housing arrangement?
(Housing being such a key issue, this will help us best mobilize people for housing justice relevant to them.)
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(This is to help with organizing potential labor actions and solidarity. e.g. "Sales Clerk at QuickShoppe")
Are you a member of a union or do you have connections to one? If so, which one(s)?
What kind of organizing experience do you have?
Focus on listing types of activities rather than on listing specific causes or events, e.g. "phone banking, canvassing, hosting events, fundraising", etc.
Miscellaneous Super Powers / Expertise
Literally anything that you are good at or knowledgeable about and enjoy doing. Do you like catering home-cooked food for events? Great! Tell us. Do you have a personal "in" with media contact(s)? Put that here. Do you have (or know) a band that can potentially play at events? Let us know! Graphic design wiz? A Master's degree worth of knowledge about public health policy? etc.
What are the top issues you are passionate about / would substantively improve your life?
Help us know what activities you most want to be involved in!
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