Activities at the UUCUV
The Path to the Future workshop, held on Sept. 18, gathered many ideas from members and friends as to how they would like to engage with the UUCUV. Some of the categories of potential action include social justice and engaged community, spiritual growth and fellowship, as well as engaging with the nuts and bolts activities of the church, such as building and grounds maintenance, hospitality teams, and recertifying as a Welcoming Congregation and a Green Sanctuary.

We’ll be explaining more about the outcome of the Path to the Future session in The Call and on the web site, but your co-presidents want to assure everyone that your work has not been forgotten. Quite the opposite: The Board has been busy processing the mass of information gathered at the session. The survey is intended to provide more detail and specifics about items that were mentioned and help us refine goals, objectives and tasks.

If you notice that there are items that were brought up at the Path to the Future that do not appear in the survey and sign-up sheet, it is likely that it is on the Board’s agenda for discussion or it is already underway in some fashion. Please keep an eye out and, if you still feel an idea has been lost, let the Board know.

When considering what new activities the congregation will back, we need to be sure that an activity is supported by enough people to sustain the efforts. The Hartland UU congregation uses a model of identifying a leader and at least two helpers in an activity/focus area before something can move forward. The Board is considering adopting this model. We will share more information about this model with you as we proceed.

In case you're wondering about more details from Path to the Future Day:
• LAY & PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP Branch - each of the items on this branch involved policy and budgetary considerations, and have been embraced by the Board.
• ADULTS’ AND CHILDREN’S LEARNING Branch - items on this branch have been moved to the branch relevant to the topic of inquiry.
• BEAUTY, ARTS, & MUSIC - items on this branch have been integrated to other limbs such as Sunday Services and Physical Space.

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If you have barriers to attending Sunday morning services, how can we help?
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In honor of our Seventh Principle, we wish to renew our Green Sanctuary status.
I would lead
I would help
I would attend
Movie series on environmental issues
Lecture series on environmental issues
Recertification team
Liaison to local climate change group
Supporting the UUA Action of Immediate Witness:  Protect and Support our Transgender Brothers and Sisters; renew our Welcoming Congregation commitment.
I would help
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Support Trans Day of Remembrance and Resilience event (help = concrete jobs like managing parking or serving soup)
Book discussion group on George with Patience in November/December
Further education and action events in the New Year
As peacemakers and good neighbors, support the connection to our partner church.
I would help
I would attend
Correspond with partner church folks
Dinner of delicious Indian foods!
Supporting the work of our congregation and having fun doing so!
I would help
I would attend
Pods for the Pulpit Craft Fair
Hockey game concession stand
January Soupathon
March Books and Music Café
Discussions, forums, reading, movies, working with established organizations.
I would lead
I would help
I would attend
Racism study & action group (Bill Brawley has stepped up to lead this)
Action of Immediate Witness: Build Solidarity with Muslims (new initiative)
Help refugee families in Rutland (new initiative)
Help the winter homeless
Low income housing
Community resource exchange
Prison recidivism reduction program
Is there something else Justice oriented that you would lead?
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Taking care of one another
It really is more fun when we get to do things together
I would lead
I would help
I would attend
Elder Lunches
Sunday Lunch Team (a new initiative)
Circle suppers: "Help" means HOST!
Parenting Group
Knit Night
UU World magazine discussion group
Book Discussion Group
FELLOWSHIP: Book Discussion Group. If you would like to lead one, what book?
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FELLOWSHIP: Is there anything else fellowship oriented that you would lead?
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SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Which of these do you want to participate in? (check all the apply)
Small groups can be the heart of a congregation
I would lead
I would help
I would attend
Meditation Group
Men's Group
Moon Phase and Wheel of the Year circles
Writing Group
Artist dates (quiet time with art materials)
SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Is there something else spiritually oriented that you would lead?
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PHYSICAL SPACE: Do you have grounds-caring skills you'd like to share? What are they?
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PHYSICAL SPACE: Do you have building maintenance skills you'd like to share? What are they?
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OPERATIONS: check all that you are interested in
Please help us with our archives
What UUCUV activities and positions have you engaged with and approximately when? For those whose deep involvement spans decades, hit us with at least the highlights! Board - Committees - Task Forces - Fun activity groups - Spiritually centered groups - Hospitality teams
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Thank you for all the time you have given to this questionnaire! We'll get back to you as each of these possibilities begins to gather energy.
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