StopChange2AtW is carrying out a quick online poll to find out about experiences of Access to Work (AtW) customers in two specific areas: AtW award payments and making contact with AtW. Please complete this poll if you have used Access to Work over the last twelve months whether or not you have experienced any difficulties in these areas.

Question 1
As an Access to Work customer have you experienced any payment problems over the past twelve months?
Question 2
If you have answered yes, tick all that apply below:
Question 3
If you ticked other, please explain.
Your answer
Question 4
How many times over the past twelves months have you encountered payment problems?
Question 5
Tell us anything else about the problems you have experienced and their impact on you and your employment.
Your answer
Question 6
Were you satisfied with how quickly the problems you encountered were resolved?
Question 7
If you answered no, please say why you weren't satisfied.
Your answer
Question 8
Have you experienced difficulties in contacting Access to Work?
Question 9
If yes, were these difficulties to do with (tick all that apply):
Question 10
If you ticked other, please tell us the type of difficulties you experienced.
Your answer
Question 11
How many times over the past twelve months have you encountered problems contacting Access to Work?
Question 12
Is there anything else you want to tell us about these difficulties and their impact on you and your employment?
Your answer
Thank you.
The poll is completely anonymous and closes at 5pm on 17th February 2017.

The findings will be included in a report to be published in March 2017.

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