Every Body Every Mind Sangha Poll - June 2023
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How often do you attend the EBEM sangha online on Sunday evenings?
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Are you satisfied with the new structure of the sangha Zoom meetings (including script, flow, length of meditation, length of dharma talk, small group breakout rooms, large group sharing?
I am very satisfied with how our EBEM sangha flows
I am not satisfied with the structure of our EBEM sangha
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Please provide your feedback and suggestions on the EBEM sangha structure/flow. 
In July, our EBEM teachers Deb Kerr and Kenji Oshima led a day-long retreat. In the future, would you attend a virtual event?
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Our EBEM sangha will be offered once a month as a hybrid event (both in person and virtually) on the second Sunday of the month beginning August 13, 2023. How likely would you attend in person at East Bay Meditation Center (EBMC)?
Definitely will attend in person
Will not attend in person
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Why do you prefer either hybrid/in-person or virtual/online sangha?
Switching to a hybrid sangha (both in person and online) will require more volunteer support in the future. Are you willing to offer support to facilitate our sangha? 
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If you are able to support by volunteering in person for our sangha, please explain what you are able to do and your submit your contact information below. 
EBEM has the goal of Universal Accessibility. Are your accessibility needs being met in our virtual sangha on Zoom? 
Yes, my access needs are being met
No, my access needs are not being met
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How we can better meet your accessibility needs?
Please describe what you specifically like about the EBEM sangha. What's been the most helpful?

Please describe what you think can be improved in the EBEM sangha. Are there some things you disagree with or do not understand?

Please include your name, email address and/or phone number ONLY if you would like to be contacted about any questions you may have. (Otherwise your information is not collected by this survey.)
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