Team Scholarship
Requirements for Eligibility:
- Member of Cal Triathlon
- Volunteer at team events
- 1 race **(if bike is purchased with money received)
- Send an update at end of year
- Need-based

Offerings (What we can give):
- First dibs at team donations (helmets, aero bars, wetsuits, race belts, etc.)
- Free race entries
- $200 triathlon equipment/races scholarship
- $500 towards purchasing a bike scholarship

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Date of Birth
Phone Number
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Explain your involvement in Cal Triathlon. How will you contribute to the team? What are your plans for your future involvement in Cal Triathlon?
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What will you use this scholarship for?
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Explain your financial situation. Why do you deserve this scholarship? How do you plan to incorporate triathlon in your life now and in the future? How will this scholarship help you to attain that?
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