South Bay Quakes Fall B/Open Level '17 Season Player Registration
Please complete the online form for each player interested in participating on a "Fall Season" South Bay Quakes team. This form does not commit a player but assists the organization and coaches with additional information.

The "Fall Season" is an ideal time to continue player development and prepare for high school softball as well as a new level of play next summer. We encourage all players interested in playing next spring/summer to gain additional experience by playing fall ball with the Quakes.

The information provided is confidential and used only for planning and team formation. Use the website contact form if you have questions after reading the information provided here about our summer tournament teams travel program.

We can also be reached by email:

All interested players need to attend a scheduled tryout. The Tryout schedule is provided below as well as on the home page of our website Please find additional details, including dates/times/locations on our site.

Tryout Information for Fall Season 2017 Players:

----- 16U/18U/B, 14U/B OPEN TEAM TRYOUTS -----

Tryout events on Saturday 8/19

Bagby Elementary Softball Fields
Address: 1840 Harris Ave, San Jose, CA 95124

16U/18U TEAM (Gomez) - 12pm to 2pm

14U TEAMS - 2pm to 4:30pm


Tryout event on Saturday, 8/26

Willow Glen High School Softball Field
Softball field is located off Cherry Ave

16U TEAM (Spingola) - 11am to 1pm

----- Additional Instructions -----

When attending a tryout please wear a jersey or comfortable athletic shirt with your player's last name on back.

Use an adhesive label or tape with name applied if a shirt is not available with the player's name.

Bring water and all softball equipment including cleats, glove, helmet, bat, and position specific gear if applicable.

Have a great Fall Season playing tournament ball with Quakes Fastpitch in 2017. Our objective is to have a playing opportunity for the majority of interested players. However, South Bay Quakes can not guarantee a roster spots for players who attend a tryout event. We encourage players who attend an A-level tryout to also attend the Open/B level tryouts as well to have a greater chance of being offered a roster spot.

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2017 South Bay Quakes - Player Registration Form
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Release of Liability and Authorization for Treatment - Please Type "Agree", Then Type Parent/Guardian Initials to Confirm Agreement of Terms
I make the following agreements on behalf of myself, the player, and my and her executors, successors, and assigns. "You" and "your' in the following agreements include all Organizations listed above in this Pre-Registration form and all the people that participate in the operation of the Organizations, including the officers, directors, agents, organizers, coaches, and other volunteers. WARRANTY OF FITNESS TO PARTICIPATE IN FASTPITCH SOFTBALL The player named above has the mental and physical fitness needed to participate in this program. She has regular physical examinations by a qualified physician to determine this. RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY I understand that fastpitch softball is inherently dangerous. I release you from any claim or liability related to this player's participation in this program. I agree to indemnify and hold you harmless from any such claim or liability. This paragraph applies even if the claim or liability results from your negligence or carelessness. It does not apply to your gross negligence or willful misconduct. AGREEMENT TO ARBITRATE At my or your request, any dispute related to the Quakes Fastpitch program shall be submitted to binding arbitration before the American Arbitration Association in the San Francisco Bay Area in accordance with its rules. I waive any right to trial by jury for any reason. AUTHORIZATION FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT I authorize you to provide or obtain first aid and or medical assistance for this player in the event of injury. I authorize treatment of this player at any available hospital, emergency room or medical clinic, or by any physician or emergency response personnel. I am the parent or legal guardian of the player named above. In consideration of my Daughter being permitted to compete, I hereby give permission to the Organization to use in any and all publications that they may desire, all pictures taken of the undersigned's Daughter in their publicizing the game of softball. I have read and fully understood the above. This is the entire agreement between me and you and may not be altered or modified other than by written agreement.
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Next Step: Please Attend the Tryout Event(s) for Fall Season 2017 Quakes Fastpitch Softball
Thank you for Completing the 2017 Quakes Fastpitch Player Pre-Registration Form. Please Share Any Questions or Additional Player Information in the Space Below.
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