Nominate The Super Nurse
NURSE, Is Just Another Word to Describe a Person Strong Enough to Tolerate Everything and Soft Enough to Understand Everyone.

Nursing professionals have always made an impact on our lives.
Never before has this been more true. These caring and brave professionals are true warriors in our fight against COVID-19, taking care of our loved ones and our community every day.

Main Street Massage wants to honor your favorite nurse with a special treatment designed to show them how much we appreciate them. Nominate your favorite nurse by either A.) Completing the form below or B.) message/email us with their name, email or contact info and a brief summary as to why they are special to you.

The Lucky Nurse that gets nominated will recieve a FREE 45 Minute HD Deluxe
HD Deluxe is a unique blended treatment that involves Massage Reflexology, Reiki And Aromatherapy all at the same time! 4 Therapies 2 Practioners 1 session. Truly the gift to say thank you for being you.

We will announce the winner Tuesday May 31st

So nominate your favorite nurse TODAY!  
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