Kaleidoscope Inanimate Object Poetry Prompt
The Kaleidoscope Literary Magazine is making a comeback! Get involved by writing on this quick poetry prompt. These aren't meant to be polished, finished pieces; we just want to give you a chance to brainstorm. Let us know if you are willing to work with us to polish and ultimately have your writing published and a Kaleidoscope Staff Member will contact you.
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Pick an inanimate object and give it a voice!
Select an item (a Dutch Bros. punch card, a TI-85 Calculator, an Anatomy text book, etc.) and give it a voice. Write a poem about that item. Describe it's LIFE (talk about what it does, give it action), What is it's FEELING? (is it sad? contemplative? distracted?) Describe it's TONE (is it sarcastic? demanding? pleading?)
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