CJLS Graduate Fellows Application
Before filling out this application, please be sure to read the Fellowship description and requirements, which are available at http://www.umasscjls.org/student-resources.html (scroll down to see it). Your submission of this application indicates a commitment to complete the Fellowship requirements, including the workshop attendance requirement.

Application deadline: March 31, 2021

Note: After you submit this form, you will not be able to go back and edit it, so please make sure all of your answers are final before you submit the application.
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Describe your prior involvement with law-related research and/or your involvement in any interdisciplinary law-related community (LSA, LCH, etc.). Note: It's okay if the answer is "none yet." *
What research project would you pursue over the Fellowship year? Note: Collaborative research is fine, as is early-stage research, as long as you would be able to present a working version at some point during the academic year. *
Describe your interest in the CJLS Fellowship. What would you hope to gain from the experience? How would the Fellowship help you do this? Be sure to include an explanation of the conference you hope to attend. *
If you have any interests or preferences regarding your faculty mentors, please explain. *
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