HLAB 2019 Camp Mentor Application
Thank you for your interest in HLAB! If you're looking for a fun, fulfilling way to spend the end of your summer, you have made the right first step in seeking this application.

This application will consist of four main sections:

1) Personal and Location Information
2) Short Answer Questions
3) Syllabus
4) Resume

As HLAB is a program designed primarily for university students, please note that selection will heavily favor students that are either still in school or students that have recently graduated (within 8 months).

While we provide additional details on how to submit your seminar syllabus later on in this application, if you would like to see one example before filling out the rest of the application, please see here:

Best of luck, applicants!

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Although creating and teaching a seminar are a big part of being a Camp Mentor, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes to make HLAB happen, both before and during the Summer School. Previously, these tasks were almost exclusively covered by the Japanese Executive Committee Members; due to interest from Camp Mentors in previous years, this year we have created 'Task Force Committees' (TFCs). TFC members help create and support HLAB by working on various tasks, such as working on social media exposure, being on-campus HLAB representatives, maintaining an HLAB newsletter, taking videos/photos during the Summer School etc. Would you be interested in becoming a TFC Member and taking on tasks in addition to creating your Seminar? (NOTE: This will not impact admission decisions, and is not a final commitment - it merely indicates that we may contact you following acceptance to see what tasks you want to take on and are suitable for. You may decide not to become a TFC Member or cease being one at any point.) *
Each region has a designated photographer in charge of taking photos to be used in HLAB-related media, in addition to giving participants high-quality mementos of their experience. We are currently looking for Camp Mentors to be the designated photographers in their respective regions. This is an opportunity to gain experience taking professional photos for an established organization and contribute to HLAB's media representation.The duration of the position will last throughout the Summer School and will NOT interfere with teaching seminars. Interested applicants would be contacted at a later date for more information post-acceptance. Would you be interested in this opportunity? (NOTE: This will not impact admission decisions, and is not a final commitment - it merely indicates that we may contact you following acceptance with the application for this position.) *
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