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Help us to bring Coffin Club close to you. Our objective is to empower people to take control of their final send off. Coffin Club aims to educate and inform everyone about all the options and choices that are available. By providing safe spaces for free discussion about something that can be a taboo subject we aim to demystify funerals, enable people to think creatively and ask questions - changing the face of end-of-life celebrations in the UK. By completing this short survey it helps us learn more about how we can help to dispel the myths around funerals and help you plan your own end of life celebration in a way that reflects who you are and what you want.

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1. How far would you travel to attend a talk or workshop? Please let us know if you prefer to drive or use public/other transport and any other comments on travel, accessibility or venues local to you.
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2. Is this the first time you have considered funeral planning or end of life celebrations?
3. Do you find it difficult to talk about death and your funeral with your friends or family?
4. Have you organised your own funeral?
5. Are you interested in sourcing your own coffin?
6. Are you interested in joining a coffin decoration workshop?
7. Which of the following would interest you the most and fit into your lifestyle ?
8. Please feel welcome to add any further comments you would like to make
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