RambleGRUE Cabins
This survey about cabins is part of a larger effort to give members of the community opportunities to build their ideal RambleGRUE. Using this anonymous form, we would like to find out how we can create the best possible cabin experience for all attendees. We recognize that solutions are not always one-size-fits-all, so we would like to identify all the ways attendees view cabins and comfort in housing at Ramblewood.
How it will be used:
We will use the feedback from this survey and the information about experiences and risks to mitigate. We use the information gathered to contribute to our Community Discussion as well as help our staff and organizers make informed decisions that see past our limited scope of experiences.
Informed Consent:
We are aware that the process of filling out this survey may be emotionally difficult as you think back on past bad experiences at camp or other events, and as you envision things that could go wrong in the future. We appreciate that providing this feedback may require significant emotional work from you. You may skip any questions you don’t feel comfortable answering.
If you would like to discuss the survey or the results, please contact the RambleGRUE organizers at contact@ramble.grue.space and consider attending our Cabins discussion on March 7, 2018 where we will review the high-level findings and discuss priorities and next steps.
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