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Do you know of someone who should represent SustainUS at the United Nations?
SustainUS is a youth-led advocacy organization designed to facilitate youth involvement in international policy making by working with young people with an expanding global network to advocate for robust environmental and social policies. Every year, through our Agents of Change program, we send delegations of youth leaders to advocate for our causes at international conferences and events organized by the United Nations.

We are looking for a team of action-oriented climate justice advocates and story tellers, aged 18-29. Youth delegates learn how to engage as civil-society actors in a multi-lateral environment, working together to advance the youth agenda with NGOs and youth activists from around the world.

Whether you are a professor nominating a student, or a friend nominating a peer, we welcome your ideas for who might have a lot to bring to as well as learn from this opportunity.

To learn more about this program and upcoming opportunities for Spring 2018, please visit

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