B.Trans Oral History Sign-Ups
Investigators: Blu Buchanan, Ayotunde Ikuku, and Naomi Simmons-Thorne

------------Introduction and Purpose

You are being invited to join an oral history project! If you agree to participate in this project, you will be asked to sit down with an interviewer and talk about your life history.

Our purpose is to collect the life course narratives of American Black trans community members, to talk with them about their experiences.

------------The Process

When you participate in this research you will be audio-video recorded via our Zoom platform.

This means while we will identify your participation based on any name you choose (including a pseudonym) there is some risk of public identification by those who access the archive.

We will also be recording and sharing your regional/state information in order to ensure we have a distribution of stories from across the United States. The name you choose and the state/region you are in will also be available via the transcript produced from the recording.


Participation in this project is completely voluntary. You are free to decline to take part in the project at any point in this process.

Once you have begun the interview you will be provided the $50 compensation; whether or not you choose to finish the interview or if you refuse to answer particular questions. If you choose to skip a question or cancel your participation in the project altogether after we've begun you will *still be paid*.

We will also share copyright with you over your video, should you want to withdraw your video at some time in the future we will work with you to do that.


You will receive $50 in compensation for your time, which should be approximately two hours from start to finish of the interview. You will be paid via CashApp, Venmo, or Paypal – whichever is best for you – and a receipt provided via email.

If you have any questions about this research project, please feel free to contact our contact person at:

Phone: 317-363-4598 (Blu Buchanan)
Email: b.transproject@gmail.com
Website: http://btransproject.mystrikingly.com/
Please state your Name/Alias (for internal use only, your identity will be protected) *
Do you identify as Black? *
Do you identify as transgender? *
Follow up to last question: What is your gender identity? (Ex: Non-Binary, Agender, Trans-Woman, etc.) *
Do you speak either English or Black American Sign Language (BASL)? *
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