May 16 - District Leaders Roll Call
Use this form to indicate your willingness to serve as a district spokesperson who would contact your legislative delegation in advance of May 16 to invite them to the Halifax lawn immediately following the end of General Session. You would also participate in a conference call orientation to get everyone on board with the overall plan and structure.
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There is a series of tasks and responsibilities that we need local leaders to take up during the day on May 16. Please indicate if you can help recruit people you know from your district (or other districts!) to do some of the following:
District-level coordinator for legislative meetings (this could be you)
Media spokesperson (goal of at least three: an educator, a parent, a student)
Track down legislators to to schedule meetings
Lead meetings with legislators
Photographer / videographer / social media
Serve as a marshal to coordinate the march
Skip the march to set up space for each county/region on the Halifax mall
Work as a medic
Be a runner to take on random tasks as needed

Another form is being used to collect this data and will be sent to you if you indicate yes.
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