Caching in the NorthWest hike to Monte Cristo
Thank you for your interest in Caching in the NorthWest's hike to a Washington Ghost Town, Monte Cristo.

Bring a lunch, snacks and plenty of water along with your imagination to Monte Cristo for a full day of history, scenery, and geocaching. We are planning on an 8 hour round trip hike.
The hike is 16.2km round trip (10.06 miles), with an elevation gain of 300 meters (984 feet).

Leftover materials from the mine were cleaned up during summer 2016. That doesn't mean the water here is drinkable, though. It's a good idea to bring the water you'll need, and if you need to refill, bring filters or treat it before drinking.

You will need a Northwest Forest Pass if you plan on driving. You can purchase a $5 day pass here:

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