Astire Games Internship Application Form (Sound Design)
This is a 2-month summer internship program for current students and recent graduates. This is a paid internship, but does not guarantee employment after the internship completes.

The team of selected participants will work together to create a game that will be published and released, and will give participants the experience of shipping a game and working in a collaborative environment.  

Interns will also receive mentorship and feedback specific to their contributions to the project.

Application Deadline: May 16, 2021
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General Questions
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Describe your experience working on a team project (either for class or a game jam, or outside of school) - what do you enjoy about working with a team? *
How familiar are you with Unity? *
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Are you a Current Student? *
What college are you attending (or where did you graduate from)? *
Are you open to participating in some in-person group meetings (located in Austin)? *
What do you hope to gain from this internship? *
Astire Games is committed to promoting diversity in the games industry. Please include a Diversity Statement in the space below.
Position-Related Questions
Which of the following skills have you used on a project? *
Please include links to projects where your *primary* role was Sound Designer that exemplify the skills you listed above *
Would you have access to your preferred Audio tools (both hardware and software) during the internship? *
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