Halifax/Saskatoon YMCA Exchange
WHO ARE WE? We are Canadian Roots Exchange (CRE), a group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth who believe in a Canada where youth stand in solidarity to promote respect, understanding and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. We believe that having dialogue is necessary to foster understanding. Central to CRE programming is the need to bring together Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth through national exchange opportunities.

The Halifax-Saskatoon YMCA Exchange:

Canadian Roots Exchange is recruiting Indigenous and non-Indigenous Youth from the Saskatoon area to participate in a 2-Way YMCA exchange between Halifax and Saskatoon.

For five days, during the February 2017 break, the Halifax team will host the Saskatoon participants in their homes in Halifax. During the day will participate in group activities, sightseeing and events in Halifax.

Then the Halifax team will then travel to Saskatoon, during the long weekend in May of 2017 and then we will show them around Saskatoon.

Youth between the ages of 14 and 17 years of age, who are still in high school are encouraged to apply.

*Fundraising as a team will be a crucial part of preparing for this exchange as the money will help pay for activity fees when the Halifax youth come to visit us. Selected participants will be expected to attend meetings and help with fundraising before the exchanges take place.

Questions? Contact us:
Room 70.3 Lower Place Riel, ISSAC. U of S, Saskatoon SK, S7N 5A3
Telephone (306) 966-2964 or email: valene@canadianroots.ca

Email address
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Best way to contact you, Phone number or email
Full Mailing Address including Postal Code
High School
Homeroom Teacher
What grade are you in?
How old are you?
Are you Indigenous to Canada- First Nations Inuit or Metis?
If so, what First Nations community are you from?
Are you a visible minority or newcomer to Canada?
What is your background?
Please list any additional information you would like to share and any special considerations that organizers may require. For examples: accessibility or mobility needs (wheelchair needs) or dietary restrictions (food you can not eat), allergies or medical conditions we need to be aware of.
Do you currently have two pieces of valid ID? 1 must be a picture ID Examples: Drivers License,passport, or student card, and then a Health card or Birth Certificate
Would you be committed to helping with fundraising efforts and be available for 5 days in February and May to spend time with the Halifax youth?
Are there any days or times you can not help because of sports, or other things you are doing? If yes, please write day you can not make plans and why. ex: Mondays- soccer practice
What are some activities, hobbies or interests that are important to you, could be also be cultural or things you enjoy doing around Saskatoon.
What are you looking forward to or hoping to learn by participating in a Canadian Roots Exchange program?
How did you find out about the exchange? (Please check all that apply)
Parent/Guardian Information (Name, Relationship) ex: Jane- grandmother
Parent or Guardian Contact - Email and/or Phone number
Have you told them about the exchange?
If yes, are they supportive?
ps. Please tell your parents or guardians about the exchange and that we will inviting them in an information session once we know who will be coming :)
I will be in touch again, soon. For the next process we will need to arrange a time to meet and start getting your parental consents filled out!
If you have any problems submitting this form please email me at valene@canadianroots.ca. For additional information on exchanges please visit www.canadianroots.ca. "Like" our page on Facebook or add me: Valene Cre-Erc Hiy hiy! Thank You!
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