Cornell Campus Recreation Builder Form
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Are you currently enrolled at Cornell? (You do not have to be, but it certainly helps) *
If yes, what is your year/knowledge of the campus layout/architecture?
What is your Discord username? [DON'T FORGET THE 4 DIGITS] (Discord is required for communication/delegation of project assignments) *
What is your email? (additional contact information)
What is your Minecraft username? *
How long have you been playing Minecraft? *
Do you have prior building experience? If yes, please explain what you have worked on. (Please feel free to list any build teams/projects you were/are a part of) *
Do you have experience working in 1:1 scale? If yes, please explain. *
Please link any screenshots you have of previous builds. We recommend using Imgur or a similar service to compile a portfolio. *
Do you have experience with Worldedit? If yes, please describe to what extent; e.g. simple or complicated commands, basic or advanced understanding of capabilities and functions. *
Please list any additional abilities/skills you have that may be beneficial to the project; e.g. command block/coding knowledge, VoxelSniper proficiency, etc.
Where did you hear about this project? *
Lastly, how much time/effort would you be able to dedicate to the project? Any amount, big or small, that you can contribute is appreciated. (Please avoid answers such as "a lot" or "a little") *
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