Virtual Class Booking form 課程預約表
Mariko Venture Virtual Class Booking form for all types of classes
真理子冒險線上課程預約表 (所有課程)

Enjoy the virtual classes anywhere in the world at the comfort of your home, staying safe and healthy. E-learning through the virtual classes at the timing that suit you the most!

Virtual live class Schedule 新加坡時間 (GMT+8):

Zumba Fitness: Sunday 230pm-330pm & Thursday 8pm-9pm
Shadow Box Fit: Wednesday 730pm-830pm
Yoga: Sunday 11am-12pm
Art Jam: Saturday 2-3pm
Basic Beatbox: Saturday 330pm-430pm
Break-Dance: Thursday 730pm-830pm

How to join?
Kindly Contact +65 93371280 for registration.
We accept Paynow, Paylah (93371280) & Bank Transfer methods.

More info here:
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