Camp SHOUT! Lunchtime Volunteers
Camp SHOUT needs help at lunchtime! We want to make lunch a fun, easygoing time for everyone involved. Camper lunchtime runs from 12 - 1. During this time, volunteers will never be without staff assistance. For the first 15 minutes, campers are required to be sitting and eating. The Director and Youth Development Coordinator will be there to provide help during this time. At 12:15, all LITs will be on the floor to run activities both inside and outside. At 12:50, all counsellors will return from lunch and wrap things up. The Resource teacher will also be available for most/all of lunchtime. If you have any questions, please email We'd love to have you come help!
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Monday, July 9
Tues, July 10
Wed, July 11
Thurs, July 12
Friday, July 13
Week 1
Monday, July 16
Tues, July 17
Wed, July 18
Thurs, July 19
Friday, July 20
Week 2
Monday, July 23
Tues, July 24
Wed, July 25
Thurs, July 26
Friday, July 27
Week 3
Monday, July 30
Tues, July 31
Wed, August 1
Thurs, August 2
Friday, August 3
Week 4
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